Web Marketing Explained

Web Marketing Explained

Website marketing is marketing that is done via the Internet, e-mail and wireless media.

The main categories of Web marketing are split into

Display Advertising: a form of advertising which can contain images, logos, text, and other graphics and messages. The design of these adverts focus on the intent of the advertisement and the target audience the ad is meant to attract. These ads are usually placed on third-party websites to increase brand awareness and generate sales.
Search Engine Marketing : a form of marketing that improves a websites visability within a search engine. This is either done through using paid listings where an organisation can pay to be listed at the top of the search engines results or natural search (organic search) where all websites are listed and are indexed due to their relevancy.
Email marketing: A targeted message sent by email to a targeted audience which can market your website, your offers, link to social media etc . Email marketing is very good for providing stats eg how many people opened email, how many people clicked on links etc
Referral marketing: a form of marketing where customers or other businesses promote your products or services through referrals, usually through links or word of mouth.
Affiliate marketing: a form of marketing where a website advertises your products or services and is paid a fee for people purchasing your products/services through links provided on their sites.
Any website marketing strategy must be able to meet the 4P’s of marketing

Product: Web based products are intangible. eg, If you want a coat on the web, it is not something you can see or touch in its physical form. Therefore products must be presented in such a manner that the customer feels confident of not buying from a physical store.
Price: The number of clicks per product can determine your pricing policies. Cost of delivery is unpredictable due to being able to sell around the globe so pricing policies are difficult to predict. The level of competition online is high so how do you entice consumers away from competition.
Promotion: Due to the vast amount of advertising you can do on/offline are you equipped to monitor and react to changes needed to succeed in your marketing campaign.
Place: The challenge for any online retailers is to ensure that the product is delivered to the consumer within a reasonable time scale. Setting the right purchasing process and logistics system is critical to satisfying the consumer
Social Media

Social media allows organisations to create profiles on multiple social sites to connect with their communities in different ways.

The main types of Social marketing tools are Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Pinit to name a few
Social media marketing is a way of getting people to improve your business online. You can create a big network of people for your business through social media sites. By updating your social media profile regularly you can promote your business ideas and promotions instantly and get customers feedback and ideas.
Social media sites are interactive as well as informative. They provide good information about what’s happening in your business sector and with your competitors.
Social media must be handled with care as a badly designed site will generate negative publicity and devastating effects for that website.
Digital website design understands that web marketing and the implementation of social media can be a very complex task so give us a call to discuss how we can help .

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