Search Engine Optimisation Explained

Search Engine Optimization Explained

The term search engine optimization describes a set of activities that you perform to increase the number of potential customers who come to your website via search engines.

When your business has a website, getting your site listed high in the search engines is critical to the site achieving its objectives. If no one can find your site, you will not make any money, so you need to make sure that your site has good search engine optimisation. Search engines set out various requirements that must be followed when producing a website which can make or break your Search Engine Rankings and reduces the value of your site.

  • Identify Keywords for your site that your target audience is searching for
  • Keep site structure navigation clear and concise
  • Optimise meta descriptions/tags for each page of your website
  • Create content that is linkable, useful, original, readable and full of important keywords
  • Create one way links and reciprocal links
  • Conform to W3C standards and structure pages correctly with headings, blocks and paragraphs
  • Optimise all images/media and label these items which are unreadable to search engine bots

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