Content management systems vs paid updates

Content Management Systems (CMS) are for businesses who need a website, and want to manage the content on their websites. There are now many Content Management System solutions available, but finding the right solution for a specific business can be very challenging. For example An E-commerce website may require a different system to help them manage there products descriptions, pricing, pictures and media compared to a service website, which may need a system that helps to manage articles, media, content and bookings. A Content Management System allows the user, to manage, modify, and create content from THEIR Web site without needing the Website Developer who designed the site. The Content Management System will feature an administration section which allows individuals to use a TEMPLATE and wizards to create or modify Website content. The developer will set up the website so sections YOU are allowed to modify will not affect the styling or structure of the website.

There are many advantages to managing your own business website, such as being able to instantly update your website with new information when you want to but there are various things you must also consider:

Do you really know what you’re doing? Have you got time to learn the mechanisms of your website?
Website Maintanace can be very involved. You will have to know how to make, create and implement new visual elements and media, maintain website analytics and search engine optimisation,manage your online marketing campaign and implement web optimised content.
Can you fix something you have messed up on your website?
This can cause a major problem for people who manage their own websites. Your website being down can lead to lost sales and the expense of a website developer fixing it
Do you understand computer language
When managing your website, problems can arise or changes need to be made by your web hosting company. If your web hosting company instructs you to update your PHP ini file to get your website updated this is going to sound double dutch to you resulting in the problem not being solved
Have you got all the tools needed to maintain your website
Implementing graphical and media visuals on your website requires a graphics/media package such as photoshop which can cost £400+. Maintaing and Improving search engine optimisation means that you have to Update and populate Google and Msn developer tools
SUMMARY – Both solutions have their strengths and weeknesses so give us a call and we can atain the best solutions for your personal needs

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